Christian Yoga Association Training Schools

A Christian Yoga Association School meets CYA’s education standards with qualified lead trainers teaching from a Christ centered curriculum. CYA Schools not only offer yoga teacher trainings but may also provide continued education and specialty programs.

 Abundant Yoga, R-CYAS

Franklin, TN | Keleah Anderson, Lead Trainer

There’s more to us than just yoga.
Our heart is to provide a Christ-centered yoga experience
through classes, trainings, retreats, and more.
The Holy Spirit is our guide in all that we do…on and off the mat.

CYA is honored to have Abundant Yoga as a Registered Christian Yoga School.


Agape’ Flow Studio, R-CYAS

Modesto, CA | Lead Master Trainer, Tina Maghoney R-CYAMT | | Phone: 209-554-7211

To provide a safe space for women to heal and become stronger.
Mind, body & Spirit. We seek the lost and set the lukewarm on fire.

CYA is honored to have Agape Flow as a Registered Christian Yoga School.


Uprooted Replanted Wellness, R-CYAS

Fort Worth, TX | Lead Trainer Jamie Cuffia, R-CYATH |

Founder of URW is Jamie Cuffia, a Registered Christian Yoga Therapist, R-CYATH, and trained as a Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Certified through YogaFaith for Trauma Sensitive Yoga, R-TSYF. With over 1000 hours of unique yoga trainings, Jamie offers a special and intimate, Christ-Centered teacher training in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She also offers private Yoga Therapy sessions.

CYA is honored to have Uprooted Replanted Wellness as a Registered Christian Yoga School and CYA Therapist.


Yoga Inspired, R-CYAS

Columbus, GA |

Doraine Bennett and Jeanetta Bodie have offered Christ centered Continued Education Trainings, Workshops as well as a 200 hour Teacher Training with a focus on Vinyasa and Iyengar, since 2017. Founder Doraine opened Yoga Inspired in 2014. She is also a children’s book author with over 30 books published!

Their training includes Certification through New Day Yoga, Eddy Marks & Mary Obendorfer (Iyengar), Jules Mitchell, Leslie Howard (pelvic floor), Livia Cohen Shapiro (anusara/psychology), Gina Minyard (Ayerveda) Online workshops with Jenni Rawlings and Sadie Nardini



Based in Seattle, WA North America and Global Trainings

Founder Michelle Thielen is a Registered Christian Yoga Master Trainer, R-CYAMT. Often called the Yoga Pastor as she travels and speaks around the world aiding with the restoration of those who suffer from trauma, intense anxiety or depression into healing and freedom.  As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer, she is passionate about helping others find their purpose and living it out loud while here on earth!  To read an in depth journey into Christian Yoga, you can read her first book Stretching Your Faith.

YogaFaith is a Founding Cornerstone School with the Christian Yoga Association.

Yoga Place, R-CYAS



Based in Grand Rapids, MI 


Bonnie, currently E-RYT-200, 500 RYT, is a CYA Master Trainer and is a passionate yogi and devoted follower of Jesus.  At Yoga Place we believe yoga is more than just a physical experience.  We believe that when we come to our mat we can have a spiritual encounter.  At Yoga Place we believe in using yoga as a tool to worship God.  A place where you can come and find healing and rest in His presence.   A place where Jesus can be glorified.  A place where all are welcome no matter what experience level.  

Yoga Place is a  School with the Christian Yoga Association.

Living Waters Yoga, R-CYAS



Based in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 

Living Waters Yoga

Living Waters Yoga is excited to host their seventh annual Teacher Training Retreat in gorgeous West Michigan. This foundational program will equip you to instruct yoga, advance your practice, add to your own credentials, deepen your faith, start your own business, and more! This 15 day on-site training covers topics including meditation, breath work, yoga anatomy, fundamental yoga postures, yoga philosophy, health/nutrition, and so much more.

Living Waters Yoga Teacher Training is unlike any other training program in that students stay on-site at the Gray Farm along side other trainees. This retreat style training allows students to be fully engaged and present. No need to worry about meals, we’ve got you covered. Living Waters has a chef on-site that will prepare the meals for you. Join us on this amazing journey!

So, take a leap of faith and take the next steps to becoming a confident and equipped yoga teacher. We are here to help you through this and are eagerly awaiting to meet you and see how you flourish in this new adventure!

Living Waters Yoga e is a  School with the Christian Yoga Association as well as the Yoga Alliance.

Rhema Yoga, R-CYAS



Rhema Yoga | Bethany, CT

The 200 hour certification is for anyone who has completed their R-RYT100 and is eager to learn more, grow more, and develop their practice or teaching career more.  Students retreat on a 4-day journey into the woods in the peaceful region of Upstate New York, where they study, practice yoga teaching (including leading classes, giving assists/adjustments) and more.  This is a time of both reaching out and developing a great community of like-minded Rhema Yoga Yogis.  It is also a time of  inner reflection and rest in the “secret place” with God.  We also offer a 100 online program.



YahwehYoga, R-CYAMS



Yahweh Yoga | Home Office in Chandler, AZ

We have 4 Programs:

  • YYT-200 (Yahweh Yoga Teacher), which is Online Only and replicates our RYT-200 curriculum. This program includes a mandatory 3-Days here in Arizona during regularly scheduled teacher trainings. Online educations are not recognized by Yoga Alliance as they do not allow more than 20-Hours of online work for RYT-200 status. Hundreds of students have started with this program and have become beautiful teachers. Many of them continue to advance in their education with us as God calls them.


  • YYT/RYT-200 (Yahweh Yoga Teacher/Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance), this is a Yoga Alliance recognized curriculum and teaches you everything you need to know about how to deliver outstanding yoga classes. Our YYT/RYT-200 teacher training teaches students how to optimize their natural health, become a professional yoga teacher and take these gifts to their family, friends and community. Students have the opportunity to learn how to teach Restorative, Gentle, Flow, Power & Hot Yoga. All ages and fitness levels take our teacher trainings. Everyone starts where they are and we grow together from there. Mind, Body, Soul .


  • YYT/RYT-500 (Yahweh Yoga Teacher/Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance) This is our advanced course. Students learn from experienced naturopathic doctors with a specialty in yoga therapy. In any yoga class a teacher has a variety of students who are experiencing chronic conditions such as injuries, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular, trauma, PTSD, MS, Parkinson’s etc. Our RYT-500 Advanced Teacher Training takes each of these conditions and focuses on yoga modifications, eating and the mind, body, soul issues that accompany these chronic issues.


  • YYLT (Yahweh Yoga Lead Teacher) – This training allows our graduates to qualify to become a Yahweh Yoga Lead Teacher for our Yahweh Yoga Global Teacher Training Outreach. When you become a YYLT (Yahweh Yoga Lead Teacher) students are eligible to Host Yahweh Yoga RYT-200 Weekend Teacher Trainings In Their Community. Students can then Earn up to $40,000 per training. In the last thirteen years thousands of people throughout the country have called requesting weekend trainings in their community. We are addressing this call by offering our new YYLT program to our YYT/RYT-200 & YYT/RYT-500 graduates only.


Christian Yoga Association Continued Education Providers

A Christian Yoga Association Continued Education Provider meets CYA’s education standards with qualified lead trainers teaching additional trainings, continuing education and in person and online workshops from a Christ centered curriculum.

Getting Still, CYA-CEP

Asheville, NC| Lead Trainer, Kelly McLellan, R-CYAM  828-768-9003 | Getting Still

The founder of Getting Still, Kelly Postle McLellan has been pondering the “deep and hidden things” for as long as she can remember. As a teen, she was drawn to the arts and explored forms of expression such as poetry, journaling, jewelry making and drawing. Kelly attended the University of Florida  where she studied psychology and the mind-body connection and went on to receive a Masters in Health Science Education specializing in holistic health.

While earning her Masters degree, Kelly was able to deepen her relationship with the arts by working for Arts in Medicine, a non-profit program that brought art to the patients’ bedside at Shands Hospital. It was during this time that Kelly witnessed the healing power of creativity and began to experience the presence of God through art and yoga.

Kelly has been practicing yoga and making art for over 25 years now and teaching for almost as long! Kelly is a lover of God and follower of Jesus- studying his life and teachings and learning to live and love with His heart. She believes that “all truth is God’s truth” and is passionate about studying the Bible, as well as searching for Truth in unexpected places!

Kelly is the owner of Getting Still Studios, a faculty member at Montreat College, a free-lance teacher-trainer who has worked with YogaFaith and The Yoga Abbey, and mentor and staff trainer at Camp Merri-mac where she teaches classes that blend the ancient practice of classical yoga with sacred Christian scriptures.


Rooted & Reaching CYA-CEP

Perrysville, OH| Lead Trainer, Jody Thomae, R-CYAMT  419-528-5956| Rooted & Reaching

My philosophy in life, ministry and yoga can be summarized in two words: ROOTED & REACHING. All my offerings are:

ROOTED or grounded in form, alignment, intention, inclusion, safety, and a shared-experience between teacher and student.

REACHING or stretching towards personal goals, dreams, destiny, and the God-given design in each of our lives.

In spiritual terms, for those who want to truly embody their faith, for whose yoga practice is an act of whole body worship, and for those who seek to be followers of Jesus Christ, we understand that when we are ROOTED in our own identity as beloved children of God and know that we are deeply loved by Him, we can live a life REACHING out to others in a way that doesn’t drain and deplete us, but fills us with life as we live out our own unique calling in this world and extend His love, grace and mercy to others.