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It’s great to know I am protected by an insurance group who knows what yoga teachers need. As a full-time yoga teacher, I love working with beYogi for my yoga insurance. They make it easy to sign up, offer great benefits, and are always there to answer my phone calls. The coverage is amazing, and they make it a breeze to add on an additional insured, which I use frequently for yoga events.

Amy Dannheim, Miami, Florida

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BeYogi offers a price conscious plan that puts you first. We know one of your main priorities is the safety of your students, from guiding them through postures to helping them recover from injuries and accidents. We are here to help you and your businesses, and to help them recover in the unfortunate even of an injury or accident.

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No other insurance provides the security and coverage as beYogi.

In yoga, we learn to honor where we are in the present moment, to not mimic another’s journey but to follow our own—and that lesson doesn’t end in the classroom. We took our practice off the mat and created an insurance program that protects you at every step of your professional journey, whether you are:

Peace of mind is yours for the taking, yogis.

  • Part-time or full-time
  • Independent or employed
  • In a studio, at home, or on the go
  • Teaching multiple yoga styles
  • Providing additional health and wellness services

unique peace

More about unique peace:

Unique Peace offer one of kind hand crafted jewelry to bring you peace. Mala necklaces, bracelets & essential oil jewelry. No two designs are identical so you can be assured that what you choose truly is unique to you. Ideal for meditation, prayer time, or gifts for students and teachers.

Your purchase from unique peace will help with the CYA scholarship fund.  This program assists others in acquiring training to start or propel their Christ Centered Yoga journey through your support.  With every $50+ order you will receive $10 off. Please use discount code CYAMALA when you checkout.

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Healthy 4 Life

More about Healthy 4 Life:

My name is Rosy McCann and I have personally been on this journey for over 20 years. I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of people to get their health and life back into balance simply by educating them in making lifestyle choices that promote wellness and prevent “dis”ease.

IT’S MY MISSION to equip and inspire you with the knowledge and tools to become the healthiest version of yourself possible so that YOU have the energy, confidence and mental clarity to fulfill YOUR unique God given life purpose!
Are you ready to create balance in your life?

Learning the tools you need to achieve a lifetime of balance is the first step to these changes. My personal mission is to empower, encourage and lead women to becoming the best version of themselves by bringing awareness to the body, mind and the Spirit that lives within us.

Imagine what your life would be like with clear thinking, energy and excitement everyday!

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The Bottom Turtle

by Dave Driver

More about author Dave Driver:

Author Dave Driver is a teacher, yogi and lifelong Christian. He is the father to two grown children and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Marcella & dog Wrigley.

When it came to writing The Bottom Turtle, Dave believed there was more to an infinite God than what could be taught solely in church. When he found himself exploring yoga, what he discovered surprised him. He knew of the stigma that Christians (himself included) attached to the this Eastern perspective of life…so with a desire to learn, and a mind guarded by the promises of scripture, Dave made the choice to become a certified yoga teacher. After 30 days immersed in the program,  Dave embarked from the training a changed man, humbled by the selflessness and non-judgment the other yoga practitioners manifested. Follow Dave’s journey from being a conservative Christian who was uncertain about eastern religion and Yoga, to becoming a yoga instructor whose faith and walk with God have been bolstered by what he has learned.

Read more about Dave’s growth in his interview with Christians Practicing Yoga.

Driver also writes a blog full of his wisdom & musings. Check it out at

When you purchase The Bottom Turtle, you will receive 20% off your purchase AND 20% will go towards the CYA scholarship fund thru March 1, 2020.  The scholarship program assists others in acquiring training to start or propel their Christ Centered Yoga journey through your support. Please use discount code CYAPerks2020 when your CHECKOUT.  (Shipping and Tax not included)

Consider training with one of our schools or educators Everyone benefits!