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God’s Creative Gift Virtual Study


Join CYA Therapist and Director of Education through a virtual exploration of unleashing your God-given creativity.


God’s Creative Gift, Unleashing the Artist in You

by Jody Thomae, CYA Director of Education

This Bible study is designed to nurture the creative spirit within and unleash the artist in you! As a lover of yoga, you probably don’t think of your practice as creative, let alone as “art.” But trust me, what you do in yoga is pure creativity…pure art! It is also pure BEaUty! The way your body moves, the way in which you lead others as a teacher, the way you organize your studio or space, the way you hold space for others to grow and develop, the way you practice in the private when no one is looking—ALL can be avenues of artistry, beauty, creativity, and worship.

These things are also true in whatever roles you fill in your workplace, home and church.

Sometimes all we need is eyes to see and a mind that thinks
outside the box!  Book sold separately.

2 Immediate Downloads available:

  1. 9-page PDF of Virtual Bible Study details
  2. 14-page PDF God’s Creative Gift: Unleashing the Artist in You


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