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Rooted & Reaching Education Program Details

Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care Certificate Program
Creating Safe, Sacred & Brave Spaces Workshop
Voices of Wisdom (beyond the Chakras) Workshop/Training
Seeking God through Postures of Prayer & Praise Workshop

A Certificate is provided upon completion of the program
Trainings are either virtual or in-person event (as in a workshop or training) or if not in-person, by reflection papers and reporting back progress made utilizing a form.

Certificate Example:

About Jody Thomae, R-CYATH

Jody Thomae is an embodied spiritual director, retreat leader and certified yoga therapist. She is the author of several books all available on Amazon.

  • God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You
  • The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautiful

These interactive, in-depth devotional Bible studies are part of the “Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within” series, written especially for those who enjoy beauty, creativity, movement, artistry and worship. For group or individual study. Also available in Kindle.

  • Voices of Wisdom in the Body: a Christ-Centered & Bible-Based Exploration of Energy
  • Jesus In My Practice: Bringing the Questions of Jesus to My Movement, My Meditation & My Mat
  • O My Soul: Bringing the Psalmist’s Cry to My Movement, My Meditation & My Mat (future release)

As the sub-titles suggest, these are geared towards creative, embodied spiritual practice and exploration. For groups and individuals. Also include journaling pages.

  • The Rocks Cry Out: a Christian Guide to Stones, Gems & Crystals

A short Christ-centered guide to the symbolic meanings of rocks, gems and minerals.

Jody also has a devotional album, Song of the Beloved, with original music and readings from scripture and Thomas à Kempis, created to guide you through a creative practice of reflection and meditation. Available free through most musical outlets.

Jody’s passion is for the revelation of Jesus to be made more real through creativity, embodied spirituality and healing ministry. It is her desire to portray the message of Christ’s desperate and unfailing love to help sustain the hearts of the broken and weary. She is particularly interested in the reclamation of the body in the healing of wounding events and works in the area of embodiment with those who have become physically, emotionally, and spiritually disconnected from their bodies.

Through her ministry Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care, Jody leads a series of retreats each year focused on Christian embodiment, creativity and spirituality. She has developed an educational certificate program designed to help take your current ministry or work offerings to a more fully embodied, whole-hearted level. The Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care (RREC) Certification Program allows you to dive deeper into the philosophy and methodology of RREC. Receive special instruction, personalized support, practical tools, as well as deeper conversation, coaching and connection with Jody, as she guides you in the kardia (fully embodied, whole-hearted) way. Learn more about RREC and her retreat offerings at You can also find lots of free creative resources and ideas, including Bible passage meditations, creative spiritual guidance, and embodied inspiration at