Spiritual Abuse: Bill Hybels

//Spiritual Abuse: Bill Hybels

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Sometimes our intentions are pure and somewhere along the journey they become tainted.

Other times, intentions were always tainted from the beginning. Either way, this is the area we hate discussing in the Christian world and we hate reporting it. But if you have been on our website, you know this is an area CYA intends to reveal, discuss, prevent and protect others from spiritual abuses.

In the case of Bill Hybels, the Spiritual and sexual abuse has been going on for decades. It is however refreshing when the abuser takes responsibility, if only because he/she is forced to.

A section of an article originally posted on @christianitytoday regarding Bill Hybels of @willowcreekcc 
On Tuesday, he told the audience that “I realize now that in certain settings and circumstances in the past I communicated things that were perceived in ways I did not intend, at times making people feel uncomfortable. I was blind to this dynamic for far too long. For that I’m very sorry.” “I placed myself in situations that would have been far wiser to avoid,” he said. “I was naïve about the dynamics those situations created. I’m sorry for the lack of wisdom on my part. I commit to never putting myself in similar situations again.” Hybels said he would withdraw to consult with counselors and reflect on what God is teaching him. “I have taken these allegations seriously, as have our church elders,” he said. “Some have been misleading, and some have been false. But I have been sobered by these allegations and I am inviting counsel … to help me sort through these in the days ahead.”

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