Who is the True God except the Eternal?

Who stands like a rock except our God?

The True God who encircled me

with strength and made

my pathway straight. Psalm 18:31-32


Excerpt from The Rocks Cry Out by Jody Thomae, available on Amazon:

“When the Pharisees told Jesus to make his disciples stop crying out in worship as he entered Jerusalem on a donkey, he replied, “I tell you, if these [worshipers] were silent, the very stones would cry out” (Luke 19:40). He was possibly referencing a passage in Habakkuk 2:11 that says that the stones in the wall and the rafters in the ceiling will cry out against the injustice of those who have exploited others for their own wealth. Jesus is making use of hyperbole and anthropomorphism—he knows the rocks won’t literally cry out. Yet, something in my spirit tells me he knew they’ve been crying out all along.

Rocks inform us of the creation of this world and the formation of the landscape around us. Striated layers tell of years long ago with many different weather patterns and atmospheric conditions, and heaved up in varied directions, they reveal the shifting of tectonic plates below. Colors brought on by various minerals within speak of the wealth of raw materials in our world. Rocks formed by meteorites and volcanoes are the only survivors to tell the stories of catastrophic events many thousands of years ago. Even staurolite, the Fairy Cross, tells the story of One who would save the world through a final act of love that would require his very life.

Yes, they are certainly crying out.

Because of my love for rocks and the stories they tell, I have always been curious about their history, symbolism, and meanings. In The Rocks Cry Out you will find a listing of common stones with their symbolism and meanings. While not exhaustive or definitive in any way, my purpose is to offer a general resource for Christian jewelry designers, gem collectors, and “rock heads” like me. In my own search for stone meanings, I have struggled to find a list that wasn’t based in New Age philosophy or pagan belief systems. I’ve spent several years gleaning and adapting symbolic meanings from the tales, legends, and lore that surround these rocks—in some cases I’ll share the lore and legends. In other cases, the meaning and symbolism, like the ancients, is based on its color, texture, and attributes. Each stone entry includes Bible verses to accompany and enhance its symbolism and meaning. I pray these gleanings enhance your rock climbing and collecting, your bead stringing and jewelry making, and perhaps… your ability to pick the perfect gem for the one you love!”

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