COME TO THE TABLE: A Luxury Wellness Retreat


Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Lori Washko, R-CYAT COME TO THE TABLE is designed to: 1: Help you forget about DOING and focus on remembering who you really are. 2: Create space to reconnect with your creator, GOD. We are meant for so much more than just having a reservation in heaven. We were created for relationship and abiding with Him. 3: Experience a little adventure and immersion in the Mexican culture 4: Pamper and spoil you with a massage, amazing food & excellent service. 5: Offer a sense of community and new friendships with some awesome women. 6: Release your stress and [...]

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Rooted & Reaching Embodiment Certification


Jody Thomae, R-CYATH, CYA-CEP March 7-10, Ohio, Private Studio Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care Certificate Program is: a pioneering new Christ-centered program, with inaugural training to be held March 7-10, 2024 based in neurobiological understanding of trauma-informed somatic tools emphasis on creating sacred, safe & brave spaces where healing can occur explores a Biblical view of the body and embodied spiritual practices taught by Embodied Spiritual Director Jody Thomae, C-IAYT, R-CYATH 100 hours of Continued Education provided through CYA, YA and IAYT. See Jody Thomae, CYA-CEP Page for Certification given and other details

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Mudras from a Christian Perspective with Michelle Thielen


Shalom Spiritual Ctr. & Michelle Thielen, R-CYATH Thursday, February 29 Virtual Thursday, February 29, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm Central Time (4-5pm PST) via Zoom Arm, finger, and hand positions are symbolic gestures and prayer positions or are used in rituals within religions and many cultures. Much like a Mudra (a gesture or pose in Eastern Religions) can enhance a Yoga posture, a prayer/prayer hands posture can enhance our communion and connection with the Lord. Join Michelle as she explores Mudras from a Christian perspective. Continued Education Credit Hours are available to those who attend. Michelle Thielen is the Founder of YogaFaith ( [...]

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Mystical Hope


People get excited about the new year. I get it. Who of us does not look forward with expectation and hope. Maybe last year wasn’t great. Even if it was wonderful, the human spirit is drawn to what a new year promises.  I have never been one to make new year resolutions. I want the zero to sixty-five race to longer days and warmer weather. January through March is a hard time for me. The bleakness of days, and cold snaps mixed with warm weather fronts, at least on the East Coast, is annoying. So, this [...]

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